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Xingda Company participated in the 8th China International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition In 2017

The 8th China International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition was opened on May 15, 2017 in Guangrao County, Dongying City. Wang Shujian, vice governor of Shandong Provincial People 's Government, attended the opening ceremony. The current Guangrao Tire Auto Parts Exhibition around the "quality tires, leading the future" theme, exhibition area of 42,000 square meters, 8 exhibition area more than 600 booths on display tires, wheels, auto parts, manufacturing technology and other eight categories of industry High-end technology and exhibits. Attracting from the United States, Germany, Japan and so on more than 40 world tire 75 enterprises and the world's top 500 enterprises exhibitors, exhibitors up to 680. Xingda company this year as scheduled to participate in this session of the General Assembly.
The exhibition hall was busy, and the exhibition hall was filled with large and small booths, showing a wide range of products, visitors from around the world together. In many of the competitors, our company carefully prepared the booth so that visitors shines. Before the formal opening ceremony, led by Wang Shijian, vice governor of party and government leaders, experts and scholars visited the major exhibition hall. When they came to Xingda booth, the narrator proudly introduced: Jiangsu Xingda is the world's leading steel strong enterprises, they have made great contributions to the development of Chinese tires.
Our booth, set up in the East Second District entrance, generous and chic furnishings, attracting customers from home and abroad. Marketing services comrades, enthusiastic reception of customers to the side. Professional and popular explanation, reflects the Division I sincere and rigorous attitude. Deputy General Manager Hang Youming, went to the scene to guide, in case of important guest, always shake hands, say hello, personally received.
At this exhibition, our company uphold the latest concept of jumping on the business, in the international, diversified and intelligent future development path, positioning the goal of internationally renowned brands, with the authority and influence of national exhibitions, efforts To enhance our exhibition, technical information exchange, trade cooperation, the new level of internationalization.
The steel cord enterprises participating in this exhibition are mainly Shengtong steel cord, oriental steel cord and Han Teng steel cord, etc., participants of the Xingyuan tires, triangular tires, racing round Jinyu, Linglong and other tire customers are also In their respective booths on display their own diverse tire products. During the exhibition, we will also hold 2017 China International Wheel Exhibition, 2017 China International Auto Maintenance Equipment Exhibition and other exhibition, held 2017 China International Rubber Tire Development Conference, the second Dongying rubber tire and auto parts industry high-end talent talks Field meeting activities.

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