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  • Strengthen cooperation with universities, consulting companies, with the help of external resources to enhance the overall quality of students

    Xingda College and the major colleges and universities (Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Southeast University and University of Electronic Science and Technology, etc.) to establish long-term cooperative relationship, with the strong teachers of teachers, co-training highly educated personnel to enhance the level of knowledge of students. At the same time, Xingda College attaches great importance to the construction of the management team and the improvement of the professional skills of the staff. It has established cooperative relationship with 84 domestic management consulting firms. Each year, the relevant personnel are appointed to participate in the training of knowledge, attitudes and skills, and the management consulting company Visit Xingda company, to carry out management, technology, quality, system and financial systems such as training.
  • Student-oriented, the implementation of human management

    Xingda College in teaching management always adhere to the student-oriented, that is, the training needs of students as a fundamental to the quality of students as the center, to strengthen the training and management.

  • Unity of knowledge and practice

    Xingda College is adhering to the teaching policy of "Duxing, Chongxue, Practicing, Excellence", aiming at cultivating comprehensive applied talents as the starting point, strengthening the practical ability of the staff, focusing on the training of practical skills, combining theory with practice and improving the investment Out of the ratio.

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